Chemical WasteΒΆ

Users are responsible for informing beamline staff of any chemical waste created in their experiment and for properly handling such waste:

  • Please properly contain your waste. Ensure that the container for your waste is compatible with your waste.

  • All chemical waste containers must be labeled with the user name, contents, and the date the container began to be filled.

  • Chemical waste containers should be stored in the wet lab (432 D030) while in active use. When not in active use, the waste container should be stored in the short yellow chemical cabinet in 432 D030 unless the waste requires special treatment.

  • Chemical waste should never be disposed of in laboratory sinks, drains, or trash cans.

  • At the end of your experiment, you must fill out a chemical waste log, found here. E-mail an electronic copy to your beamline contact and tape a paper copy to your waste container.