Visible Light OpticsΒΆ

7-BM posesses visible light optics and cameras for both standard visible imaging and for use with scintillator crystals for indirect x-ray imaging.

Lens systems include:

  • Infinity Photo-Optical K2 long-distance microscope, with CF-2, CF-3, or CF-4 objective.

  • Mitutoyo M Plan Apo long distance microscope objectives. The beamline has 2x, 5x, and 10x objectives on-hand.

  • Nikon macro camera lenses, from 50 mm to 105 mm focal length. A unique application is the use of two camera lenses (50 mm and 105 mm) coupled on their object sides. This allows for a large amount of light capture at ~ 2x magnification at short working distance.

  • Several C-mount lenses for closed-circuit cameras, from 10-50 mm focal length.

Beamline staff also have access to a Thorlabs DC2200 LED driver for high-intensity LEDs.